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Angels want to be involved in every area of your life: in your home, your business, your finances and your family. These supernatural beings of God are just waiting for you to speak God's Word.

God designed angels to respond to His Word so ... be cautious what you say, your angels are listening!

  • Words of doubt and unbelief will bind your angels
  • Wrong speaking and wrong praying provoke angels
  • Words of faith loose them to work on your behalf

By speaking God's Word, the angels will be loosed to prosper your way and provide divine protection for you as they have in the Bible for Abraham, Daniel, Elisha, and many others.

Angels takes you on a fascinating journey of angelic intervention in Bible times and in the lives of the authors, Charles and Annette Capps. The ministry of angels is part of the salvation that God has given and a valid ministry in the earth today. Discover how the supernatural deliverance of angels can start changing your life!

Angels: Knowing Their Purpose | Releasing Their Power by Charles Capps

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