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As Christians, we live in two worlds: natural and supernatural. Even with all our spiritual knowledge, we still have to live out our daily lives on this earth. We still have to make a living, for example. The "righteousness of God" still has to sweep the floor, carry out the garbage, and change the oil in the car. The "joint-heir with Christ" still has to fix meals and mow the yard. All these marvelous prosperity and protection truths we are learning about today are a reality. But as true as they are, we still need to have wisdom in the natural, everday things of life.


That's where the book of Proverbs, the subject of this study, comes in. It is a prime reference source for wisdom in the practical details of daily existence. Proverbs: Wisdom for Today will give you spritual truths you can apply to the natural responsiblities of life, ultimately displaying the wisdom of God before the world in your day-to-day life.

Proverbs - Wisdom For Today by Bob Yandian

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