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At the age of fourteen, Bill Wilson was abandoned. Now he leads a crusade to rescue children in Brooklyn's "war zone"--and beyond. His dramatic story is more than a life-and-death struggle in the midst of crime, drugs and poverty. It is a vision of hope and promise for America's children. "Lately in the news they've been talking about how likely it is for a black male teenager to get shot and killed--especially in my neighborhood. They say it's even more likely that in a couple of years I'll be carrying a gun. But what they don't know is what a difference God's made in my life. Ever since I was three I've been going to Sunday school, and I've learned about God and His ways. And I made up my mind to follow Jesus. No, you'll never see me with a gun shooting anyone. Ever! Because no matter what's going on around me, I am standing for Jesus."--Vincent, age 12 

Whose Child Is This by Bill Wilson

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